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If you would like your room to feel freshened up for Spring without spending a boatload of green bills then here are 5 simple ideas to spark your creativity.


1. For overly traditional rooms it's a good idea to go out and purchase something modern, like maybe a sleek metal end table, to incorporate into the room. The reverse is also true. If your room is full of sleek, modern items then incorporate something with worn wood, old pottery or maybe old books with beautiful fabric covers.

2. Add a colored lampshade to your room.

We’ve all had curtains/draperies at some time or another. A common window treatment mistake I see are extending curtain rods.  These are usually cheaply made and they are the kind of metal rods with the “one size fits all” philosophy.  The inner tube is smaller and slides out of the larger tube to a longer length.  If at all possible please please please stay away from this type of rod, especially if you plan to open and close the curtains on a regular basis.

My father was a carpenter and a woodworker on the side.  His shop was filled with different wood species which were often scraps from jobs he had worked on. He couldn't bear to see anything go to waste, especially not beautiful wood.  He would take that beauty and turn it (quite literally) into something new and wonderful. Today I have a great appreciation for those same two things, beautiful wood and not letting things go to waste. I am also growing in my appreciation for using all things local. We are spoiled here in the Northwest with so much beauty.

This is my bathroom. It elicits a strong response from those that see it. Some people love it and others hate it. My house is from the 1930's and much of it has been updated and changed throughout the years but the bathroom retains its original flavor in spite of some updating. The toilet, sink, and tub were originally green which was common in the 1930's. Yes, green WITH the peach and maroon tile. Don't ask.

The previous owner's had already taken out the original wall hung green sink and replaced it with an awful vanity and round white sink but the toilet and tub remained green until we took possession in 2000. Even though my favorite color is green it was too much for me. My husband and I replaced the sink with a pedestal, replaced the green toilet for something white and had the tub professionally painted white. We also added an old chest of drawers from the 1800's to use as the vanity and took off the old pink floral wallpaper (yes, pink with peach walls) and wallpapered with something whiter. Somehow I can't seem to completely change the bathroom even with the cracks in the very worn, honeycombed, tiled floor. I see beauty in the old. The tile work in my bathroom doesn't even blend with the other colors in my home but it's full of worn, loveable, used, beauty. 

Beauty does not mean new. It means blending old with new and recognizing that all things current are not necessarily the most beautiful. Appreciate workmanship. Look for beauty in old spaces.

Enjoy Fabulous February.

My job is all about beauty. Spreading beauty. This is my life's work. I don't just want to spread physical beauty in client's homes but also the awareness and sharing of beauty on a personal level. God is the author of beauty in nature and in our very souls ... who we are, each and every one. Beauty inspires.

A friend from long ago, Sara Whitestone, is a writer and has a gift for spreading beauty through words. Please enjoy her latest writing that talks of beauty.  It lifted my soul a bit higher today as I read it. I hope it does for you too. Read here.

January's blog series was about "new" things in the industry. I know it's now February but since I missed last week I wanted to quickly list a few random "new" things that are trending.

-Glitter grout. Could this be any more fun?  I think not. Look at this.

-Indoor Gardens. This often incorporates herbs so that home chefs can use the freshest ingredients in the kitchen. If you don't have the room for an acutal little garden area you can always consider gardening on the wall like this... Houzz Los Angeles or this Houzz Vancouver. Here's one that's sort of Zen feeling. Houzz Boston

-Honeycomb shape.  I've seen bookcases, ottomans, pillows, patterned bedding, wall sculptures, accent tables and so many more items that all show off the honeycomb shape. This actually started about a year ago so I guess we are already brining up the rear with this but it's still big so feel free to hop on the band wagon. Noir bookcase   Uttermost mirror  Uttermost lamp

-Fringe is making a comeback. Slowly. It's just getting started again so maybe you will be the one to head this one up! Houzz

-Mudrooms. These provide great resale for your home. People love them!  We can hide our stuff in the mudroom in order to keep our living spaces cleaner and less cluttered looking. Think through this one ahead of time so that you end up with a well organized space with lots of storage options. Houzz New York   Houzz Huntington

Happy transition to February!

Since it’s a brand new year I thought I’d throw out a few newer items and ideas that are currently present in the interior design market. This week the topic is "Colors".

As you all know color trends come and go. For 2017 I am still seeing a lot of gray and white. The newcomers sneaking into the market are:

Blush and Peachy pinks



Deep Blues

About ten years ago I could hardly find ANYthing blue in the design market for a client of mine that wanted it. Now it’s a sea of deep blues.

Don’t let the color trends scare you. Good design is any color YOU like when used well in your home but be aware that it’s harder to find things in your colors if they aren’t among the current trendy colors. Remember to repeat a color in different areas and at different heights in a room so that it’s seen more than one time. Sometimes certain colors put together with other colors can look dated so be careful of that.  Here’s a recap of the last few decades:

Oranges, Golds, Greens = 70’s

Mauves, Country Blues, Pastels = 80’s

Deep Forest Greens, Pinks, Shiny Brass = 90’s

Reds, Greens, Browns = 00’s

Happy New Year.


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