Since it’s a brand new year I thought I’d throw out a few newer items and ideas that are currently present in the interior design market. This week the topic is "Colors".

As you all know color trends come and go. For 2017 I am still seeing a lot of gray and white. The newcomers sneaking into the market are:

Blush and Peachy pinks



Deep Blues

About ten years ago I could hardly find ANYthing blue in the design market for a client of mine that wanted it. Now it’s a sea of deep blues.

Don’t let the color trends scare you. Good design is any color YOU like when used well in your home but be aware that it’s harder to find things in your colors if they aren’t among the current trendy colors. Remember to repeat a color in different areas and at different heights in a room so that it’s seen more than one time. Sometimes certain colors put together with other colors can look dated so be careful of that.  Here’s a recap of the last few decades:

Oranges, Golds, Greens = 70’s

Mauves, Country Blues, Pastels = 80’s

Deep Forest Greens, Pinks, Shiny Brass = 90’s

Reds, Greens, Browns = 00’s

Happy New Year.

Since it’s a brand new year I thought I’d throw out a few newer items and ideas present in the interior design market for you to consider.

If you are lucky enough to be building a new home you’ll soon be getting a brand new kitchen which is very exciting.  A kitchen of today, whether brand new or remodeled, will be a bit more convenient if you incorporate a few of the following ideas into it. Hold on to your hats; these items aren’t cheap but boy are they smart.

  1. Charging station:  With today’s gadgets we all need one. Hide the station behind a “garage door” or in a drawer if you don't want to see it.  Be sure to put it in a convenient place for the whole family to use.

  2. Induction Cooktop: These aren’t cheap. My own induction tea kettle is AHHHmazing but I haven’t had the pleasure of cooking on an induction cooktop. Be aware that you can’t just use any pan. According to Wikipedia,  “Stainless steel pans will work on an induction cooking surface if the base of the pan is a magnetic grade of stainless steel. If a magnet sticks well to the sole of the pan, it will work on an induction cooking surface.“

  3. Dual Fuel Range: These have gas cooktops and electric ovens.  This isn’t so new; I’ve had one for years but I love it and thought it was worth mentioning. More and more people are catching on to this and it’s a trend in the industry.

  4. Undercounter Fridge and Freezer drawer/s: Yup, these go under your counter top. They are separate from the actual refrigerator or freezer. These are super handy used for snacks, especially for kids. The above pictured one is from Sub-Zero.

  5. Coffee Stations … in the BEDROOM: I’m not a coffee drinker and personally think ithis idea is over the top but hey, if you are a die-hard coffee drinker and your bedroom is a mile or so from the kitchen then why not!

Are you all wishing for a new kitchen now?  For now, perhaps one change is enough to shoot for.  Let’s all be thankful for what we have but keep an eye to the future.

Happy New Year.

For the start of 2017 I thought it may be fun to throw out a few items and ideas in the interior design market that you may not know about.

This week I’d like to draw your attention to a product called Dekton. Do you need a new counter, fireplace, outdoor patio, shower wall, high-traffic floor, or …???  Dekton serves all these purposes and more.  Several months ago I attended a seminar on this amazing product that is still relatively unknown. It’s an amazing material made of glass, porcelain, and quartz and it is available in huge slabs and many thicknesses. Here are some the reasons why it’s glorious!

High UV Resistance

Highly Scratch-resistant

Resistant to stains

High Resistance to fire and heat

Resistant to abrasion

Resistant to ice & thawing

High mechanical Resistance


Color Stability

Dimensional Stability

Resistant to hydrolysis

Noncombustible material

Check out this link to find out much more about Dekton.

Lorraine Interiors has many samples of Dekton.  if you are looking to use it for a remodel project this is certainly an excellent choice!

Happy New Year!

As the new year approaches I've been thinking about 2017... almost with anxiety. You too? Why?  Perhaps it's knowing that the holidays are over and life will return in a big way and with full force.  There is so much that occupies us and drains us. I have found that the answer to quell my own anxiety is to retreat almost daily to my own "recharging station" which is a quiet place in my home that is out of the way and usually just for me. I use it to refill and renew. My area includes a comfy chair, a side table, good light, a few pretty things including a peaceful image on my wall, a thankful journal,  a few books to inspire me, paper for notes so that I can jot down my distracting thoughts to deal with later, and of course, tissues for when I release the junk of life and just cry. Let's be real, we all need to do that on occasion.  I talk with God. I sit and do nothing. My mind and self become quiet and I feel refreshed, ready and recharged.

Have you  created a small area in your home for your own recharging? Consider this a gift to yourself that will later flow out to others. Without having this space for ourselves to recharge we often come up empty when others need us.  Your recharging station needs to be simple yet intentional.  Make it a destination place in your home and not an everyday space. Make it comfortable, cozy and beautiful so that you are inspired and refreshed.  Perhaps you are someone who struggles with quietness and you feel that you  need to be with others all the time. That's ok. Be a gift to yourself first. Fill up in your space, take time to absorb our own thoughts, think of others with fondness, remember what you are grateful for, recharge in the way that works best for you and then ... go out and be with others because you will have something of yourself to give to them!

Happy end of December.

“Creativity, Comfort, Convenience” are words that I have had written on my business card ever since Lorraine Interiors began.  My goal is to offer my clients these things as I work on their projects. I got to thinking about these words in terms of gift giving, since this is the season for it.  Here are a few suggestions for us all.


Creativity:  Everyone can be creative in some way; you can do this!  How about gIving a pre-planned out day filled with a new experience? Make something with your own two hands.  Give the gift of time spent with your loved one. Maybe that involves sitting on the couch and simply listening to them talk all afternoon. This is an especially creative and perfect gift for grandparents.


Comfort:  Wow, this one can mean lots of things. What about a massage?  New sweats?  A deep conversation with someone to assure them how much you love them. Snuggling while watching your favorite movie. A tremendous meal full of comfort foods!  What does comfort mean to you? Now go ahead and think what comfort would mean for someone you love.


Convenience:  This one can really get your mind spinning. How about a gift certificate for house cleaning or yard service? Shopping for and delivering groceries for someone. Offering to pick up and drop off a friend for a particular monthly event.  Picking up dog poop (I know, gross) or caring for someone's pet while they go away overnight. Ok, let's not forget how convenient a new car would be!

Whatever you decide to give this holiday season always remember that YOU are the best gift. Be present.

Merry Christmas


OK, so maybe this isn’t something you’ve considered before but here’s a few tips for when you are ready to hire an interior designer: 

  1. Give them a lump budget or a budget range you are comfortable spending so they are free to do the best job for you. As an example, when you buy a house you give the realtor a dollar amount you are shooting for. The same applies to decorating and design. Know how much you can spend so your designer can work efficiently and not waste time designing a space too cheaply or too costly for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what everything costs; you DO know what money you have saved to accomplish the project. Tell them.

  2. Don’t apologize for your house/home in it’s current state. Your designer wants to help you because design and decorating is their passion. You are giving them a job because of the state your house is in. There’s no need to apologize because, trust me, they are excited at the prospect of turning it into a functional, comfortable and beautiful space for you!

  3. If you aren’t sure what design style you are shooting for that’s fine; instead, be ready to tell your designer what you know you DON’T like.

  4. Make quick decisions if at all possible. When things drag on it is hard for your designer to keep all the proper information fresh and accurate. Less mistakes are made on everyone’s part when things progress at a nice pace.

  5. Get excited over the changes happening and thank them! This is incredibly rewarding for your designer and keeps them going strong.

Merry Christmas!

The Northwest is an excellent example of the “hills & valleys” concept. OK, maybe I should say “mountains & valleys” when you consider all the mountains around us. The idea is that when you look into the distance you see things go up and down, get higher and lower. We also see this in the cityscape with taller and then lower buildings. Wouldn’t it be boring if everything was the same height? This holds true in our homes as well. When you scan your room do you have “hills & valleys” that sort of flow up and down around the room? This is good design. If everything is at the same height it’s somewhat unappealing. If you have a super low chair with a very tall bookcase next to it perhaps you need a piece of art that is sort of an in between height on the wall between the two pieces. This will help your eyes roll up to the top of the bookcase from the chair. Hope this helps. Happy end of November!


Don’t you just love how nature is for everyone? The beauty is shared; it's for all of us to enjoy.  In thinking of Thanksgiving tomorrow I’d like to remind us how blessed we are to have our homes. I know I’m incredibly thankful for the physical structure of my home but even more so, for my family and friends. They are my true home. It’s a treat to share our homes and share our love. This certainly turns a house into a home. Enjoy sharing tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ever notice how the “Lamb’s Ear” plant is irresistible to touch? It’s so soft. And what about those lime green prickly balls that you see lying under trees this time of year? What kind of tree are they from anyway? I don’t know. I do know that I am drawn to the texture of them. What about birch bark? Gotta love that, right? Take a look at your living space? Does it have different textures to touch, feel, and look at? Are all your upholstered pieces made with the same fabric? Is everything all leather? Not good ... too much smooth. Imagine all leather furniture with a glass coffee table and mirrored end tables. This would be too much smooth. The opposite problem can too much texture. A log end table, shag rug, nubby fabrics, baskets and tweedy blankets, the space may be have too much texture. Good design mixes different textures from smooth and slick to rough and rugged. Happy November!


When you are at a loss for how to come up with a color scheme, get out in nature and observe the colors. This is something I love to do.  When walking on the beach on a cloudy morning I see all sorts of tan, cream, white, gray, green. When driving through the forest I see all sorts of green, brown, black, gold, and yellow.  What about the Fall leaves; that one is pretty obvious. How about the twilight sky with all it’s purples, blues, and pinks?  Some areas have the best assortment of pebbles in a beautiful array of colors. Look at the animals around you. Open your eyes and take creation’s color schemes into your home. Nothing is more beautiful. Make one color dominant , one secondary, and then have the third color be seen in small amounts around your home. Happy November!


Lorraine's Values

No job is too small

Creating liveable spaces that are not simply about being pretty

Bringing families together through good design

Using what clients already have when at all possible

Practical solutions that are as beautiful as possible

Window coverings that combine function with beauty

Helping you get the project done

Coordinating a color pallet throughout the home



I'm Moving

In June I'll be moving my home (and office) to Skamokawa, Washington. I'll still be providing the same services I have been in the past but will have a bit more of a trip to get to some of my clients. My phone number remains the same but my mailing address has changed.

New Address:

Lorraine Interiors
PO Box 99
Skamokawa, WA 98647


Often, the hardest part of a project is getting started or getting finished.  Lorraine will work with you to accomplish both if needed. Appointments are set up in your home or office, making if very easy and convenient for you.


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Design Fees

Many designers choose to hide their fees.  Lorraine charges $100 an hour. The initial consultation is collected at the time of service in the form of check or cash and the appointment must be a minimum of 1 1/2 hours. If the appointment takes less than that there will be a $150 fee charged regardless.  Trip charges are incurred for anything over 15 miles from the Lorraine Interiors office.

A further explanation of fees will be discussed at the first appointment with a written explanation handed to you so that you will know what to expect.

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